Interesting Times

Links, etc.

The following are items of interest from the internet (blogs, videos, music, etc.), some of which I've made known to my friends through e-mails.

  • Remembering Harry Hay & John Burnside
    I had the privilege of knowing, loving and learning from Harry Hay and John Burnside from 1978-2008. This link is to a series of remembrances by several folks. Nice historical synopsis. Aways good to get to know your elders.
  • Will Roscoe's Website
    Will Roscoe is an anthropologist, historian and gay activist who lives in San Francisco. All GLBT people should be familiar with Will and his very extensive and rich body of work.
  • Capitalism vs. the Climate - article by Naomi Klein in The Nation magazine.
    The jist of this brilliant analysis by Naomi Klein is that changing light bulbs, buying hybrid cars and recycling our trash is not going to cut it. The only response to global warming that will deflect impending catastrophe is one that deals a fatal blow to free markets and capitalism in particular. Also check out her very provocative book from a few years back:
  • The Shock Doctrine -
    The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
    - book by Naomi Klein
  • Warren Haynes (The River is Gonna Rise)
    Some very tasty blues to start your day! This link takes you directly to Warren's web site. The video is at the top "The River is Gonna Rise". Just click on that , play full screen and turn it up. I imagine this is the band he will be with when he comes to Denver in October at the Fillmore
  • For those of you still contemplating Obama support in 2012 and for those who are already sipping the Kool-aide this whole matter raises some very salient issues:
    Huffington Post: Al-Awlaki Killing In Yemen Raises Constitutional Questions
    Glenn Greenwald's interview from Democracy Now is included in the piece as are a few sentences from Ron Paul that make lots of sense. Glenn's interview covers most of the same points he made in his blog post this AM on Salon.
  • A musical antidote!
    A link to an HD YouTube post of Further performing Uncle John's Band.
    I found it to be a wonderful antidote to all the recent news about the Republican Tea Party Debate the other night. The ultimate question really is asked in this tune and that is: "All I really want to know is, are you kind"? If you are interested in this classic play it loud and in fullscreen. - Pat