Interesting Times


The posts to this section of the web site are for the most part recent musings on life as I am experiencing it in my sixties. The themes explored are most often prompted by participation in the SAGE Story Telling Group I attend on a weekly basis at the GLBT Center here in Denver. The Story Telling Group has provided the much-needed discipline I require to put ‘pen to paper’ to use an antiquated phrase! The writings of many in the group, including mine, are posted weekly to the following BlogSpot - check it out (via this link)

The themes explored in these pieces are I suppose a bit repetitive but at this stage in my life I am not nearly as adventurous as I was forty or fifty years ago. I do though still find enough juice in the arenas of my HIV infection, part-time work as a nurse - now most often in Urgent Care, the current sad state of the world, LGBTQII politics and life in general to continue spewing forth my thoughts and observations on it all.